Tolu’ A. Akinyemi (also known as Tolutoludo & Lion of Newcastle) is an award-winning Nigerian author in the genre of poetry, short story, and essays, which include: Dead Lions Don’t Roar (Poetry, 2017), Unravel Your Hidden Gems (Essays, 2018), Dead Dogs Don’t Bark (Poetry, 2018), Dead Cats Don’t Meow (Poetry, 2019), Never Play Games With The Devil (Poetry, 2019), Inferno of Silence (Short Stories, 2020), A Booktiful Love (Poetry, 2020), Black ≠ Inferior (Poetry, 2021), Never Marry a Writer (poetry, 2021), Everybody Don Kolomental (Poetry, 2021) and A god in a Human Body (Forthcoming - Poetry, January 2022).

Tolu’ has been endorsed by the Arts Council England as a writer with “exceptional talent”. He is a co-founder of Lion and Lilac, a UK-based arts organisation and sits on the board of many organisations.



The wall of remembrance holds up watertight memories-

Of lives tossed by the whims and caprices of unstable men.

The paranoia of Covid sends us into a dark hole


and we sing an elegy as grief fouls the air.

Our lives are rocked like ships in a tumultuous storm,

My skin bears a testamen


— Pandemic Survivor.