"It's really hard to describe this book in words. It is so refreshing in its specificity. And it is crazy how you find yourself while reading in between the lines. It can relate to anyone on this planet. You name it! IT IS AN important contribution to the bookshelf of every library."
"We really enjoy reading the book because the presentation is excellent.
The book pushes us to think and that's what makes it very rewarding!"
"Beautiful images, beautiful little texts which make us think, many subtle ideas which I like! Thank you for this book."
"Intrinsic Awareness compiles not only words but feelings as well. It is a means through which the reader, not only introspect on himself and his existence but also ponder upon the beings around him.

Intrinsic Awareness share love, peace and tolerance. Being a comfort to trial and hardship, motivation and inspiration towards success, you do not want to miss the chance of getting your hands on this book."
Poetry, philosophy. Words that cause you to pause and think. I enjoyed reading this book. It allows for openness when it comes to our we view life and things we often think we know.