If I say to you that I have a cat who just gave birth to a baby, and I ask you to guess whether this baby is a puppy or a lamb. What will be the response? Some questions do not deserve to be asked, certainly because they are illogical! How can one ask if a cat gave birth to a puppy or a lamb? We know that this is impossible. We cannot plant an apple seed and expect oranges to come out! Similarly, the question about the creator of the Almighty is illogical.

A god can be created, but God Himself can never be created because He is the Creator of everything. If we say that He was created, then He is not God but His creator is and we can begin to enquire about this creator also. But know that we cannot continue like this. There has to be a beginning, the beginning of everything. If we continue to enquire about the creator of God, and then who created the creator of God and then the creator of the creator of God and the creator of that one too, there won’t be an end to the question. If this continue infinitely, then there would not have been a creation in the first place, and we being here is a proof that there was a creation. Therefore, if there was a creation, there was a Creator. The only way that can happen is to have an uncreated Being who created everything.

We are mortal beings in a finite world, asking about infinity outside this universe of ours. There was always infinity, owned by an Infinite Being, and out of this infinite existence, He created a finite world: our universe, bind by matter, space and time. Our existence and logic have been programmed with finite ideas. The universe itself has a beginning. In essence, since we are part of it, everything that we know has a beginning and an end. Now, asking a question about a Being Who exists outside the universe, who created space and time, maybe that is not wrong after all. But how dare you expect the Creator of time to be bind by time? That’s illogical!

Either "all comes from nothing" or "someone or something had always existed and created everything."

Well, nothing can come from nothing. Nothing can create nothing. If we have nothing, the thing that follows is nothing! So the only remaining possibility is that everything was created by Someone who had always existed, that is to say, He was never created. The assumption that can cause problem here is to say that maybe the universe had always existed too and was never created. To prove this, we will have to apply the property of the infinite to this universe which contains matter, time and space.

The time is the measure of the change in matter. Suppose I ask you to count some pens in a box for an infinite amount of time, and to tell me the result after you've finished. Will this be possible? Firstly, we cannot have an infinite amount of pen (which is a matter) in a box. In addition, it will be impossible to give a reply if the given time is infinite, which can never be! We cannot have an infinite amount of finite things. So there, we understand that time and matter cannot be endless.

Space? It also cannot be endless because it defines the distance between two things, two objects (from one spot to the other). Consequently, if time, matter and space are finite, then the universe cannot be infinite! We know that everything has a beginning has an end and all things that ends certainly has a beginning. If the universe is not infinite, it will end, therefore has a beginning and was created by Someone who had always been in existence.

The universe never always existed. But the Creator of the universe did. For He is Omnipresent, therefore out of space and time. As He has always existed, He was not created, and if He wasn't created, He is also out of matter. Being free of these three things gives us the understanding that He has no creator and that the question "Who created God?" is illogical, it is a false question that does not deserve to be asked in the first place.

~ A. R. Raazol

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