Today, let’s discuss Tolkien and my world.

It was sometime around 2014/2015 that I started to have this story idea in my head after being exposed to one specific scientific notion of the world before the Humans and how it could fit into the Islamic narrative.

I started this projet February 2016. Later during the same year. I learnt about another scientific theory about how in the future, the possibility of the earth reversing its rotation is plausible. If we look into this, it would mean that the sun would then rise in the west and not in the east. Guess what? That’s another prophecy from the prophet. So while thinking about this, I created another world and story, imagining a world “After the Reversal."

The first one is fantasy. The second, science fiction.

So, afterwards, something else happened which changed the turn of the worlds I built for my stories. I read the Silmarillion and The children of Húrin by J. R. R. Tolkien (author of The Lord of the rings and The Hobbit). Then, I told myself, why not create a world, not like his, but inspired from the way he presented it: based on timelines: first age, second age etc.

So I grouped my two worlds together and behold (without going into the details of ideas I came about later on), the Multiverse of Whär came to be : from the beginning of creation to the end of time, with its own laws of physics, languages, mythologies, timelines, beasts and what not?

Even though the conception of my world is unique to my world as I try to bring out most of the ideas from my thoughts, I’ve had great influences from the bridges between science and religion and of course, Tolkien.

I haven’t read the LOTR or Hobbit 😲 but anyone who’ve read the Silmarillion would understand how rich the book is. I think that’s enough...maybe 😂.

Anyways...let me get back to writing, the Southern Shore awaits me 🤓.

~ A. R. Raazol

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