Time is all you got

Hey beautiful people, how you been?

A short Tuesday morning message:

Juggling a reading/writing career with a full time job seems to be very complicated and difficult. Actually, at the present, it kind of is, for me. But I refuse to accept this idea. For it’s only a matter of discipline and time management. We often make this false claim “I don’t have time.” But in reality, time is all we got. Prioritizing one thing above the other, knowing exactly what to prioritize and disciplining oneself towards it, this is the key.

“We do not have time.” But we’re attached to our phones, watch unnecessary shows on Netflix, funny videos on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. Really? We do not have time? Come on. We can do better than that.

Anyway, this is to say… you have as much time as needed to do anything you want. The question is: how much do you really need doing that thing? How thirsty are you really in achieving that goal?

That is the primal question you need to ask yourself.

Have a good day friends 😊


~ A. R. Raazol

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