Neuroplasticity and Mindset

We learn that there is a connection between the human behavior and his physiology, and especially the way his brain cells are engineered. Everything we think, everything we do have some slight consequences in the wiring of our neurons. Study shows that these later cells have the ability to create new pathways due to new habits and to eliminate some other pathways due to lack of use. They call this #Neuroplasticity. Perhaps this is the tool behind #addiction in one hand, and the secret to #mindset in the other hand.

Having a mindset is creating a set of attitude that you follow at a constant rate. Like a ritual. This may be thoughts in your head as it may be day to day activities. If new pathways are created due to repetitive habits, therefore, it would not have been an understatement to say that neuroplasticity feeds on your mindset. Anything you focus your mind on, your brain goes on into creating new pathways. Hence, making it difficult to take a step back.

A perfect example is the drug addict. When he takes the drug, it releases an immense amount of dopamine which invites him to take more, and then more, and then more until it becomes a habit. Then the brain cells create new pathways which are specific to this drug and guess what? Bamm…addiction.

This is also one of the major problems that we are facing in our world today. We are bombarded with false news and publicity day and night. We see the same thing over and over again, on the TV, on social media, in our streets… What was considered taboo yesterday has become banal, not because they are right. But because our brain have been wired to believe that they are.

It is high time we wake up. It is high time we rise and say no more. No more psychological #manipulation. No more cognitive slavery. We think. We think because we have been gifted the ability to do so ourselves. We are #humans. We are #thinkers.

~ A. R. Raazol

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