My month of February

How is everyone doing? Today being the last day of the month, I say I should make a summary of how my February planing went.

Well, I happened to go through a moment of reevaluation. I couldn’t continue the novel that I wanted to continue (my Shayâtîn project). Therefore, I started working on an old short story which end up being more complicated than I anticipated. I am still on it, and I plan on finishing it soon. The story is based on the paradox of time and we all know how a clutter of timeframe stories can be daunting.

As of reading, I read five books out of the twenty three books I was supposed to read. Well, that is far way behind. However, the most important thing is that I continue learning knew things, especially on certain French thinkers in the philosophical realm (Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Blaise Pascal...) and I continue to advance on other projects, one which you already know about (the Awareness Virtual Exhibition) and the other which I’m yet to announce.

Anyway, first things first in the month of March: finish writing Paradox and send out for beta readings. Then write a short introduction to my World (an extension of Thus Spoke All’arrhid for those who have read this). As usual, I will be busying myself with readings and learnings as usual. For isn’t that who we are supposed to be as humans: beings of Reason and Discernment?

What about you guys? What are you up to?

~ A. R. Raazol

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