Let me tell you how I failed

Hello Raazolians,

Today I want to share a story with you, one which I do not often talk about. This is a life experience and it contains an indispensable message which everyone must devour.

Through my primary and secondary schools, I was always one of the best students and I often top the class to the extent that it came a moment when the ecstasy of being the best student wasn’t there anymore and I was like...what next? Then a moment came when I was in senior secondary school. We had a teacher, a very beautiful teacher in character. He was a father who often advices us, pushing us to become more, especially those who might think that they were average students or backbenchers and that’s all they could ever be.

One beautiful thing that he always said was: “an athlete does look behind as there are other athletes trying to catch with them.”

Obviously enough, I knew what this message meant, and to be frank I was going through difficult times those days which affected my studies but that’s not the object of discussion here. The thing is, there was this girl, an average student, who took the teacher’s preaching very seriously. One term, she topped the class. I was thrown backward that term, very hard. I took the forth position.

It didn’t end there. This girl became the class topper till I left the school, and till everyone graduated, I guess.

Now, why am I sharing this? To boast that I was once a best student? Or to reveal how stupid I was to let myself be thrown behind? Nope. Few lessons to be taken home from this story:

  1. There is no average person. Work for it and you will get there. Everyone has one or few things inside them waiting to be revealed into the world. The seed is there. You only have to water it. Discipline yourself. Nurture yourself. Stop sticking around in your confort zone with the excuse that greatnesses is only meant for others. We all have greatness within us. The question is, are we ready to be strong enough to pull it out so it can shine and make us who we want to be? Who we should be being?

  2. Position, fame, money and all unnecessary concrete entities in this world are not as they may seem to us. So you want to be the richest person in the world? When you get there, what next? You want to be famous as your favorite football star? What next next after that? Do not chase anything in this world if doesn’t lead you to a better afterlife. Yeah, I know that I am starting to sound like a preacher and some of you won’t like that. So what? The ecstasy of whatever you want will fade away and then what next? Chase meaning. Chase order. Chase harmony. All these are bound to give you a meaningful life. Money and fame doesn’t always. Do not live your life based on what you see on social media. Live your life based on what you living demands. Do not compare yourself to people’s so-called monetary success. The only person you should be making comparison with should be yourself yesterday and yourself in the possible future.

  3. If you are in a position that makes you proud of yourself, that makes other people proud of you, remember that the day is a circle where brightness and obscurity takes their turn. There is no best person. There is only best person in a context, space and time. Never look down on people, for the janitor of today may be a ruler tomorrow. This may seem improbable. It is not impossible. Respect people, give them their due and never do think that you are better than them in any form. You may know better than them in a subject. They know better than you in another. Maybe you have more experience in a specific field that brings you higher than them in wealth. Well, know that they have more experience than you in poverty. Maybe you have experienced more success than them and they fail all the time. But failure only makes you learn more. It is an inevitable path to success in its own. Therefore, they have learnt more than you have in your so called successful position. Respect people. Give them their due. Do not look down on them, and when you are chasing your goal, always remember that there are people who want the same thing. Should you look back, that may be the greatest regret of your life.

  4. Do not hesitate to use your words on people, not to curse or insult them. You know quiet well that isn’t what I am talking about. Do not hesitate to motivate people, inspire them. Even when those word seems to be reaching nowhere, you have no idea who may take it seriously and change lives with it. Today I am writing this message on what happened about 12-13 years ago. Maybe someone would read it and be inspired by it. This goes back to Mr. Sulaimon, the teacher I had then who was unaware that his message would be ringing in ears over a decades later. Embark on the journey to help people. You do not need money to do that. You only need a good heart and a tiny little bit of courage, whatever the means it is you want to use: speaking, writing, painting, whatever the means you want to use. Look deep inside yourself and seek the art within you. Do not be just a wayfarer on earth. Be a wayfarer that leaves footsteps behind. I do not know how much I can emphasize on this. But, you can be more than who think you are. Just think a little bit be more about others as you think about yourself as well.

With these words I leave you. I probably can continue exploring this story more than I just did. But this should be ok for now. They say a word is enough for the wise. I’m guessing this is more than a word. So let the concern take head. Let the wise take action. God bless you all. God help you all.

~ A. R. Raazol

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