I want to be light

I want to be light,

Light that illuminate the darkness around me.

I want to fight,

Fight to accentuate the wellness of all that is.

Life is full of lightened souls

Souls that come back to become darkened.

As it is full of empty bowls

Bowls that eventually spark out lightning.

I was not born into this world to be an average.

I have not torn mama’s womb to become dumb.

I refuse therefore to be held in a cage

As I refuse to blend into the norm.

I want to seek out light and fight it

Before I inevitably become still in the grave.

And as difficult finding the truth may be,

I shall head out. I shall be brave.

I shall be light to lighten the darkness.

I shall rise above all defamations.

For what good is it that I take any action

When my vision itself is tainted with blindness.

~ A. R. Raazol

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