Freedom #1

Freedom of action is predicated on freedom of thought. Freedom, therefore, shouldn’t be defined as doing what you like whenever you like. For this is the easiest to do and the path to freedom is often tainted with thorns and sweat.

Freedom, should be defined as the ability to govern your innerself, to norture and tame your caprice and ego, to liberate yourself from your bestial nature, to have absolute control over your comforts and to be a god to your stomach and genitals.

This, my friends, is what freedom is: liberating yourself from yourself. It is an act and understanding of the ‘within’ to well govern the external. It is a battle you launch against yourself to understand your surroundings.

When you know you, and you’re aware of your short comings, then you won’t expect perfection from the Other. Understanding and tolerance will be appreciated. Conviviality will be achieved. But it all starts from you. Liberating you from you.

~ A. R. Raazol

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