We live in a world where all that we are told, verbally or influentially, is to blend. We have to live our lives in such a way in order to be accepted in society. The funny thing is that there are many people who are aware of this fact. They try to live their own lives, making their own choices. But they do not realize that the choices that they make are only the result of what the society has instilled inside their subconscious mind.

you see a girl going to the gym to buy a certain body form. this is the same person that posted the same form on social network saying that "you have to fall in love with the body you have and not let anyone give you a negative influence." Yeah, she is absolutely right. But little did she know that she herself is responding to the society's criticism and publicity which tend to make us believe that a man has to have six packs to be a man and a woman has to be slim and of a certain weight to be a woman.

One way or the other, we have built the fear of society inside ourselves, and if you think that I am wrong, think of an idea that you've had which goes against what the people around you believe. How do you feel each time that you think about putting your belief into action?

Fear is a part of human nature. But when you are in the right track, never allow fear to overcome you. Be courageous enough to lock it up under your subconscious mind. Let out the warrior inside of you. Roar like a lion. Make a positive impact in the society and let's work, together, to build a future of freedom: freedom from our own selves, ego, caprice, and irrational passion.

30/07/2018, 18:07

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