Updated: Dec 24, 2018

What happens when #war tears us apart, and revenge grabs hold of our intellectual mind? What happens when we see our dear ones butchered with no mercy and there is nothing we can do to help them? What happens when those who aliment these barbaric acts are the leaders of our world who claim to seek #peace and justice?

Sometimes we think we are in control of ourselves. But in fact, we've given #emotion and #passion the right to stir through our innermost minds, causing chaos which eventually blocks the path to #reflection and #rumination over our actions.

Man, by nature, is barbaric is what they say. This makes him equal to an #animal is what I say. The ability to come out of this #barbarism is what makes him a man. But when you find yourself where peace is lost, and #justice is hidden under the ocean, you only have two options: #forgiveness or #vengeance!

~ A. R. Raazol

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