Angela Marie Niemiec

Angela Marie Niemiec sees life through poetic eyes. She turns dreams into poetry, while her writing reflects her experiences. Inspired by strong connections, poetry is her way of bridging the gap between the lonely soul and pour human connection. It’s that bond that is the key to opening her creative side, resonating with others is the bonus. Often riddled with a metaphor, her poetry is her escape from reality. However, even when writing about the darkness, she has a way of still holding onto the light, and you will see this in her poems. Instead of remaining in the grips of victimhood, she will raise you to empowerment. Her premier book, “Once Around the Halo” - published in 2019, is collection of poems on a spiritual journey to find healing while overcoming chronic illness, loss, and heartache. Since then, she has been published in an art book and a half dozen unique anthologies worldwide.

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