Olatunde Ayinla is an altruistic writer, amateur historian and poet. He describes himself as a multi-potentialist who sternly believes that 'self-discovery is one of the greatest achievement of man'. He is the Chief Editor at Yoruba Blog where he tells stories about the yoruba people, their places, projects and culture.

A Postcard For Mama

Your passing onto eternal recluse

Filled my feeble soul with alter emptiness

For I was left with nothing to lit my heart within

You took the candles with you

And though you left me a note

One furnished with the memories of you

It lurks in the sleeves of my veins

Assailing me each time I think of you

The walls have ears, they say

I have heard rumors

That you are never coming back

That you now belong to the sky

And that you now live with the angels

And that you wear a garment full of stars

And that the night will return when you are asleep

So I came with my friends

Just to stare at you in your sleep

And to tell you that I M-I-S-S YOU

I hope this dirge gets to you

You remain forever in my heart

#Endsars: A War Outside

There is a war outside

Hungry children are crying;

a beast called unemployment –

is dragging their father through the corridor


A young graduate got chased to his grave –

by men who swore to protect lives and properties

This flag is burning high

and its flame is spreading wide


Those in the realm of power are living large

In one hand a calabash filled with the people’s sweat

and on the other hand;

a bush meat deeply fried with public funds


I will not wait for this war to kill me in my home

I will go to the battlefield –

Drink from the pool of my own blood

I will fill my chest with courage

And – take bullets for my sons

For – this is not the change my thumb painted