Naimah Abdullahi Sabo was born in Bauchi and raised in Abuja, Nigeria. As a child, she loved reading and writing narrative essays; she eagerly started writing short stories for her classmates in Arrahman International School, Abuja. She proceeded to study education chemistry at Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto. She is also a member of the CALF (Caliphate art and literary forum), Sokoto state. Her career in writing poetry began where she amassed a massive online follower with her fascinating works. Her poems collection “evergreen” was selected for WRR 2020 And her novel “Oasis” is massively selling as it's recently released.


It changed me

And as time goes on, it changed me more

I am not who I used to be before

Nobody understands this girl anymore

I was a girl who watered

Others souls letting myself drain in sunlight

I was like a dew drop,

Rare and beautiful yet so fragile


A twist in my life

Seemed like life was a restaurant and pain is what I ordered

I no longer sit and ponder why the rainbows and butterflies are so colorful

I struggled for peace like I was in a war zone

And sleep skipped me thinking I was an owl

So I took away all the things that make my life a tragedy

and replaced it with poetry


I took my pen and wrote down pain

From how I feel the grave is my home

To how angel of death should please come


Waiting for Tomorrow

I still felt the same so I decided to call it today

But I didn’t stop writing

I kept those words flowing like the waterfalls


And finally when Tomorrow came

I got up and smiled

The pain deep down didn’t stir

Nor the memories that always scare

I no longer feel like I am dead but breathing

I feel alive and existing

Is it too early to say I am healed?

Or I should wait the next day and see?


The next day

I got up, didn’t smile

Yet still felt alive

I checked myself in a mirror and I smiled

My eyes are no longer looking empty

And my face is no longer looking pale

This smile is no longer once in a blue moon

I saw it yesterday and I am seeing it today


Healing has always been within

And Now I can say I am healed.

Your scars

Are beautiful

I do not say this to be pitiful

Your scars are the clouds

You are a sky – what is a sky without its clouds?

Your scars are stripes

You are the zebra – what is a zebra without its strips

What you sometimes think is ugliness

Is uniqueness unappreciated It is not weakness

Your scars are beautiful reminders

That you survived.