It all began with a mind, a pen and script. At the commencement, there was a soul wandering aloft the infinity of the Mind and that of Being. And though this soul possessed an occupation of its own, it sought to create and to bring matter into the abstract existence that was. Therefore, it began.

There was Oluwhar, and before him was nothing. And there was no before nor was there after. For there was no time. For Oluwhar, himself made time. On his throne he was, alone, and no mind could imagine his being. In the beginning, he brought into being, three souls, souls of creation, from which came everything afterwards. 

The three souls of creation, known as Rrhahâl in the tongue of beings unseen, was made to rippen and mature in a condensed state of mind and matter, and when the moment came, Oluwhar, with his will and power, ordered them to come to be. Thus, Being was made, and Whâr began its expansion in space and in time. Thus, time came to be and the souls of creation was scattered into the miniature and the magnitude of space-time. It then occurred that everything, which came afterwards, was the result of the expansion and all became children to the souls of creation.

~ A. R. Raazol, Tales of All'arrhid