Kaushik Mukherjee, hailing from Jamshedpur, Jharkhand, India. He had his keen interest in reading books and is a deep lover of Happy Potter series and Author J K Rowling. Past 3 years he has developed some writing habits and trying to portray what he feels through his words. He is currently CEO and Director to a Publishing house named PEN BREW PUBLISHERS.


He also founded a event management company for youth to showcase their talents and provide them a platform. He is also associated with the United Nations as a UNDP volontaire, as well as helping society to reform through his small contributions to a NGO that he is running.

Walking Alone

Dark through the woods as I walk now,

Ignorant about the fake smiles and the wow


It now feels peace here, though so lone

The world here, emotions ain’t based on any clone


Today I self-ripped my heart, securing it from any stranger

Setting free my soul to join the supreme Avenger


It’s secluded and quiet so as I chose this place

To avoid the taunts about my open shoe lace


I didn’t kill myself, “It was more of life to set free”

While slitting my heart apart, as I said to the tree


Now as the body lies on ground,

Responsibilities as I am now not bound


All the way through the life as i heard,

Even If I turned the sour milk to curd


That He ain’t to achieve anything in his life forever,

Cursed by the friends, a shattered Dreamweaver


Now that his soul can move free and look what’s happening

A group of people by his body wrapped in blood are fake pampering


To all those tears while inking as I wipe

The life which I ended even the soul now cried

Northern Star

A girl struggling through her life,

Pulling herself through the tough times so far

She’s definitely a tough soul,

Now shining brighter than the Northern Star


Yes she was defamed, she was hurt,

But now she’s relieved herself from all possible scar

Taming the beauty in herself like a goddess,

Spreading the essence similar to a flower


She has many stories to share,

But none of the persons did ever care


She was struck with something very bad,

But consolidated herself to throw her emotions out on a writing pad


She is always my inspiration, as she brought me here,

And believed me to the light, for her untold stories to share


We had a bond more purer than it can ever be described,

We were the medicine for each other that no doctor can even prescribe


I am writing this story to let the world know

That pain surely will fetch you something with a sweet blow


My story ain’t different from her as too proudly wear my scar

Supported throughout till now with a pride on her face and that’s why I do call her my Northern Star.

The Unfinished

Love One day when my body will demise

Letting the soul free in the early sunrise


Will you cry for not hugging me tight

Stranded by my corpse, shedding tears that night


Will you cry for not kissing me on that lonely road

Walking down the streets, until you are abode


Will you cry for not holding my hand

Caressing your nail paint, wearing my friendship band


Yes I know what you think, what you feel

And that’s why I am leaving without any extra meal


I am just shattered at the heart which you hold

But I can’t be rude as I’ve been already told


Look at the demise of my ugly face

My love still bind you, and I’ll not rest my case


If it was love, why didn’t you let me know

We could have lived together, support each and help us grow


But don’t worry my dear, I hold nothing against you but this piece

Look up to the sky, close your eyes, and I’ll be the raindrop on your lips like a blissful kiss.