Intrinsic Awareness
La Conscience Intrinsèque


It was approximately 12 years ago when I came about my first epigram. I didn't even know what it was back then. I just started creating words inside my head based on things that happened around me, and things that happened to me. Words of criticism, inspiration, and motivation. Before then, I had been a child of reflection. I loved questioning and I was very curious about the Why of Abstract Beings – happiness, pain, love, sadness, mind and all other entities which possess not physical form. Every understanding I thought that I had, I couldn't express them in words. But this changed as time passed.

Throughout these years of thoughts and contemplation, I have been writing poems and epigrams, touching diverse topics. In 2012, a teacher told me, "You are a philosopher." But I had no idea what that really meant. It wasn't until the next year when I started to discuss amongst friends that I really comprehended the philosophical ideas in my words. Friends told me, and I saw it.


So when I take a deep look into my texts, I realized that most of it has the same focal point which I've been unable to express when I was a kid. This is what I summarize under the term "of reason and passion."

I have understood that Man today tends to nourish his passion at the expense of his reason, and this affects him in many aspects of his life, if not in every aspect. I like to compare the reason and passion to a seesaw. When you place a heavy load on one end, the other end rises up and whatever lies on it flies away and is lost. Similarly, nourishing passion at the expense of reason makes Man loses his intellectual consciousness.


He then becomes a sheep who is controlled by material and all that gives him pleasure. It becomes very difficult for him to come out of his comfort zone and chase whatever life reserves for him. He judges people based on their appearance or words. He judges ideas and events based on his own understanding. He cheats on his spouse because he cannot control his lust and his corporal temptations. He spends lavishly unaware of why he is spending. He fornicates around, pumping out fatherless children roaming the street with no guidance whatsoever. Those that are fortunate enough to have fathers and mothers by their side are guided, not by their parents, but by TV sets, video games, phones and pads which will only nourish their own passion as well at the expense of their reason. And the circle begins again. Unfortunately, this is the world we live in.


Now my goal, through this book, is to spread the awareness amongst people that there is indeed something more important than the extrinsic beauty that surrounds us. We need to possess what I term as Intrinsic wisdom, that is to say, we need to be intrinsically aware of what is going on around us. We need to focus on the Why of action instead of the action. We need to focus on the language instead of the words. We need to focus on the destination instead of the path. We need to focus on the wisdom instead of the sentiment. For indeed, before harmony, happiness often tends to be our quest.


A. R. Raazol

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