Ibrahim Olalere is a young Nigerian writer, brand designer and scientist. He is a postgraduate student at the University of Lagos where he pursues his passion for science and its discoveries. Ibrahim, also known as Poesy, enjoys writing about love and life using Islam as spectacles. In 2015, his interest in prose and poetry lead him to start Poesy Writers, a platform where he shares support with other young indigenous and international writers. His poems, short stories and designs have been featured in the Youth’s Pen magazine of the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria, blogs, brands and in the making of art catalogues.

Apart from studying, writing and designing, Ibrahim enjoys adventurous activities like traveling and horse riding. While he lives his life anticipating more chances at adventure, he plans to keep sharing his time between building his career in the academia, starting a family and writing more books about love and life.

I like to write you as human; flesh and blood

I like to write you as sweetheart, gentle soul with a heavenly voice

I like to really breathe in and out when describing the way you smile

Adding extra punctuations Like the calmness of Comma, the muteness of a full stop and the screams of exclamations

I love to crosscheck for imperfections and of course I find

But never mind…

I love you – in quote I love you, please note

I love you in every single paragraph of my life, my lines and the beat of my heart…

I will hold my pen to bed

When the day comes with no words for poetry

I will dream of our infant voices

as mother warns us to quit the dashes

Yet we will run into to the kitchen

Hiding and seeking

Happy and smiling


That I may wake and forget

the nice warm memories of once upon a time

When we played childishly

’cause we were truly children

I shall dream of them

Even if they are now dusty voices


A paper on my chest,

And a pen on my right

While I laid in bed

I had penned a poem before that goes thus;

“I dreamt of our infant voices

As mother warned us to quit the dashes

Yet, we ran into the kitchen

Hiding and seeking,

Happy and smiling”

I am depression

I am my pills

I am the randomness of my thoughts

The unknown side of a famous coin

I am an Everly tossed soul defined by which side is up

I am head and I am tail

True and Fake

Halo and Horns

Lonely and fun

Peace and havoc


And beyond metaphors

I am fine

I am not...