Angela Marie is a poet and author from The United States. Her first poem was published in an art book in Poland and subsequent ones appear in dozens of anthologies worldwide. Her first book, Once Around the Halo, published in 2019, is a collection of poems on a spiritual journey to find healing while overcoming illness, loss and heartache. Inspired by strong connections, poetry is her way of bridging the gap between the lonely soul and pure human connection. It’s that bond that is the key to opening her creative side; resonating with others is the bonus.


“Never dim your light for someone who can’t handle all of your brilliance.” ~A.M.N.

If the mind is a terrible thing to waste,

think critically quick, before it’s too late.

Did the fear agenda get you hooked?

Is it for your health, or the greater good?


Anti-mandate coverage censored,

while convoys blast their seven trumpets.

Should all stay muzzled and unheard?

Why is freedom a dirty word?


Narrative shift to the next distraction,

heads buried in sands of oblivion.

Picking sides causes greater division,

let’s start asking more difficult questions.


Does propaganda fill your soul,

is it news, or mind control?

Signals of virtue flag the sky,

blue above yellow flying high.


Truth bombs explode in silent night,

what will it take to wake from fright?

Under this spell they fall asleep,

while bodies pile in unheard screams.


So many suffer under their skin,

praying to God’s in different languages.

Now whose lives really matter?

Is color the only deciding factor?


If such asking comes with a cost,

then how many lives have to be lost?

How many wars have there been?

Where were your flags for all of them?