"Whisper in my head" is a pen name created by Umma Ahmed. She is the secretary of Hilltop Creatives Art Foundation, Kaduna. She loves to write poetry and explore.

Umma Ahmed believes in poetry, as much as she believe in her thoughts and her existence. Her choice of words are simple and personal, with meanings that may differ from the obvious. However, she hopes that these words makes her readers feel loved and maybe, understood.

I have always 

Been taught 

The manners of the moon

We gaze upon 

It every night

Listen to the 

Tunes of our


Like the owl 

We hoot 

But not chirp

That is the first

Step of becoming

An African child 


In the morning 

We sing the praise 

Of the sun 

We chant to the music

Of what is told 

Never to enounce 

The purr within 

For we are but 

The children of 

The talking drums

We listen with 

Our lips

And speak with our ear

Even the eyes tales

Are non-permissible 



In the evening 

We dance

On our wobbly feet

To the music 

Of the great kings 

Who bath with milk

Weaved in the 

Culture of norms 

Accepted by earth

While we the moppets

After the medievals

Are seized  

From the grace

Of thoughts


Because we are 


The children 

Of the moon

And the talking drums 

We gaze 

We praise 

And we dance