Olubunmi, fondly called Bunmi writes under the name Boomie Bol. Born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria, she started writing at an early age, often behind her bible talking to God about world peace and forgiving the Devil. Her first memory of writing a shared poem was at age thirteen; titled “Universal Woman”, it was a gift to her school principal. After years of paper silence, due to some trauma, tragedies, and misdirection, Boomie started writing again around 2010 and has since vowed never to stop. She performs her poetry and has been featured in several events including F.AT.E. ‘s Diaspora Monologues, and Ajilla Foundation.

Boomie shares her poems and short stories on her social media accounts and blog - www.boomiebol.wordpress.com - and her poetry can also be found in other publications such as Black Fox Literary Magazine. She holds a BSc. and MBA from the Northern Illinois University, and is married to her one husband. Together they have their twin daughters and continue to live and make memories in Illinois. Her debut poetry collection "paper heart" was released in October 2020 it is currently available on Amazon and other online book retailers.

Mirror Reflections

Dear mirror, mirror on the wall

I do not need to be perfect

Nor do I need to be all together.

I do not need to be unflawed,

Spotless, and pristine.


What I need,

Is to be authentic with my imperfections,

Brave in my flaws,

Confident with my spotty areas

Content with who I am


Working with progress

Towards the most genuine version

Of me.