I have been amongst the Instagram writing community for almost half a decade. I have met some interesting people, discussed on diverse topics from self development to social and societal injustice. My book, Intrinsic Awareness was conceived as a result of this. 


One thing which I noticed is that almost everyone is writing for a reason, and no, in case you are wondering, that reason has nothing to do with money. Many at times, we meet artists who are brave enough to share their works. They seem extroverted. Everything seems to be going on smoothly in their lives. But what we do not take into consideration is the possibility that maybe, just maybe they are wearing a mask to hide their own pain. That poem you read that made you cry, maybe the story it tells is that of the author. 


After some moments of thoughts about this, I decide today to open a platform for poets to express themselves, however the amount of filter they want to put into it, they are the ones to decide. But I want everyone to come together to show support to one another as much as we can.


This is why I am launching the Awareness Virtual Exhibition, beginning with the first theme of “Survival”.


Let the ink flow and let words be graven.


~ A. R. Raazol

Maybe you feel like you may be part of this community as well. In that case, what are you waiting for? Just click the button below to fill the form. We will be thrilled to have you on-board. 

Wait...quick info: 
Know that you can submit up to 3 poems by or before the deadline which is...hum, when is the deadline again? ...Oh yeah... March the 31th 2021. Voilà. What are you waiting for?