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I created this platform to create an environment on inclusiveness between poets and writers. My objective is to keep learning and sharing my messages by bringing people together in order to share their uniquenesses and talents. 


Last year, we debuted with the theme of “Survival” and participants were very outstanding with their written performances which I took the liberty to recite. You can still find their pages and poems on my website. Just go to the tabs. 


This year, we will be talking about Freedom. What is freedom? How do we define Liberty? How do we define our relationship to a 'freedom driven' world? Are we really free or is freedom just an illusion? Otherwise, must we fight for our freedom? Must we be free? Does freedom truly lead to perdition or is this only an attempt to control human actions? How do you define free actions? How do you define free thoughts? 


Let us all shake our heads and fill our pen. The clock is ticking. The deadline is awaiting and we are very anxious to read each and every lines of your text. 


I need to mention that it doesn’t have to be a poem. It could be a short text, as long as it falls under the topic of “Freedom of Thought. 


Go on everyone…write until there’s nothing else to write.


~ A. R. Raazol

Maybe you feel like you may be part of this community as well. In that case, what are you waiting for? Just click the button below to fill the form. We will be thrilled to have you on-board. 

Deadline to registration for this poetry exhibition:
March 10th 2022