A. R. Raazol is a thinker, a writer and an artist whose goal is to help the youth to focus on the core of ideas by disciplining themselves and taming their inner ego, as well as questioning what he term as the "surface reality" of the modern world.


He is the author of “Intrinsic Awareness”, a collection of poems, texts of reflection and instructive dialogues which came into being as a result of extreme contemplation and rumination over the existence and over all the problems that humanity is facing in our present world. A version of this book also exist in the French language under the title “La Conscience Intrinsèque.”

Raazol started composing his words at a young age even though his academic path would lead him to somewhere else. One thing he values more than anything else is Knowledge and skills, and he tried as much as possible to emphasize the importance of knowledge on his social media pages. He loves psychology, philosophy and calling him a science nerd won’t be an understatement. He also engage in paintings and photography during his leisure time. 

Many are those on earth that has information

Few of them are those that really do know

The later will always place their thoughts for evaluation

The former are often certain of their flow


Knowledge, you will find, is an endless abyss

An abyss of light with insatiable truths

Blessed is the one who honor its bliss

The one who comprehend the bliss of youth


Many are those who roam the earth willingly

Few of them are those who are really awake

The former would often pride themselves on liberty

The later know freedom is always at stake


Certainty, held carelessly, could lead astray

When it hosts the mind of a sleeping wanderer

How could you stand still on a crooked way?

When your thoughts are shaky and conquered by slumber


Many are those who cry out their throat

Few of them are those whose words could be digested

The later are aware their thoughts could be infested

The former are often certain of their flow


Freedom, you will find, have certainly been tainted

Tainted with the excess of whatever do please

There are those who would fight to be at ease

These are those who would reject of the sainted


Many are those who think before they do

Few of them are really aware of their thought

The later question if their mind hasn’t been bought

The former often stay assured of their clue


In a plantation where thoughts become the seed

How would you know you thinking is yours?

How would you assert your mind is secured?

When you couldn’t even tell your soul have been freed.