Angela Marie Niemiec sees life through poetic eyes. She turns dreams into poetry, while her writing reflects her experiences. Inspired by strong connections, poetry is her way of bridging the gap between the lonely soul and pure human connection. It’s that bond that is the key to opening her creative side, resonating with others is the bonus. Often riddled with a metaphor, her poetry is her escape from reality. However, even when writing about the darkness, she has a way of still holding onto the light, and you will see this in her poems. Instead of remaining in the grips of victimhood, she will raise you to empowerment.

Her premier book, “Once Around the Halo” - published in 2019, is collection of poems on a spiritual journey to find healing while overcoming chronic illness, loss, and heartache. Since then, she has been published in an art book and a half dozen unique anthologies worldwide.

Shatter the ceiling of self-doubt,

Break apart the glue that once held

all the negative formations together

and watch it scatter off to dust.


Disassemble all the useless parts

hidden for no good reason,

Realize you’ve been carrying around

more than you can lift,

holding on just for the hell of it.


Lose that dead weight

and watch how free you float,

Recognize that bad reminders

packed in too small boxes

never fit there anyways.


Pull apart at the seams

and unstitch the sewn shut,

Strings that fray always stay the same,

Ignite the edge and watch it smolder,

burn out and fade.


Forget about all the worthwhile’s

that were never worth your sighs,

Crossed wires flicker,

sparkle, then evaporate,

Short breaths in are long breaths out,

Ash turns to cinder when you exhale.


Redesign a new ring system

made of all the rocky pasts

that orbit a solar system of mayhem,

Eclipse the sun and then the moon,

Turn the dark side on

then off again.


Set free the one last damaging thing

you held tight to,

watch it revolve around

every once in a while

just to call it a coincidence,

Never keep track of time that doesn’t exist.


Rebirth your demons

and let them out,

resurrect and name each one,

let them think they’re alive

just to watch them suffer

as you choke them out one last time,



Trace the outline of every scar

to remind yourself what you’ve done

and where you’ve been,

Erase the darkness,

Ease the pain,

Swallow down the feelings

and send them on their way,

Suffer has no home here.


Break the grasp of resistance,

Open your hands and unfold your fists,

Give in to allowing every now and then,

Fall completely to pieces

a million more times,

just to fall in love

with putting yourself back together again.