Abdulhafiz Muhammad Aboki is an undergraduate of the National Open University in Nigeria. At 28, his academic path leads him to Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution. Aside from being a reader, he considers himself an unquenchable learner. But Abdulhafiz also has interest in literature, especially poetry. This was the very reason he started writing poem in 2020.

She left me, yesterday

Earlier than I thought

I really thought it would last

A few more days

Five or more days

Or at least a day

Just enough to make me say

"I've been in love for a day"

I do not know how you do it

How you find love and keep it

I tried so much but can't do it

The longest I kept one

Was an hour and a bit

Just enough to last the long ride

Back home, on the train, last night

I just suck at this love thing

Now I want to walk away

Far from this land

To the land where love stays

And hold a sign in my hand

That reads, "Please, Love me for a day"

I Am Not Attached

I am not attached to

The world and its fantasies

But I want to live longer

A bit longer than Methuselah

On the Arabian Peninsula

Make a space trip to mars

And dine amongst the stars

I want to have a few billions

Or just half a trillion

Honeymoon on the moon

Morning bath in the pool

I pray death isn't soon

So I spend like a tycoon

A simple life I want

With little possessions

Of the richest resources

Like some tons of gold

A few carats of diamonds

I want to live like the kings

But I am not attached to

The world and its fantasies

Strangers are not

People we never met

A stranger is a lover

You loved yesterday

But woke up today

Hating every memory

Of them in your life

Wishing you could

Put to flames

The tiniest part

Of your brain

That still remembers

Their names