It may happen that we discuss with people and they say something like, life has become so much difficult these days. And we may reply, well, life has always been difficult. You have to be patient. And they say, until when? Until when are we going to be patient?


Listen up! Do not be naive, thinking that you are born into this world to enjoy your part in it and then go back. No! Unfortunately, things do not work like that. Life will always push you towards the limits. And when I say limit, I mean the other side where you might fall. So be strong, and to prove that you are worthy of achieving something lies in snatching yourself back and turning towards the right edge.  

Never say to yourself that you cannot make it, that it is difficult. Nothing is difficult. Nothing is easy. Everything is in your head. Everything is in your psychological thinking. Believe you can, and you will. Do not allow the cloud of dusts that surround you to make their path into your eyes, blinding you and making you believe that there is nothing ahead. There is something ahead. There is a load of success waiting to welcome you. 

No condition is permanent. You will face difficulties in life, in school, at work, amongst friends, within the family. But you have to continue pushing forward, because only you, only you know how important it is your goal to you. So, fear not for the future, for all future are coming to be a past. You have to make sure that that past be an interesting and memorable one. And to do that, you have to be patient. I repeat, you have to be patient. For the beauty of success lies in the quality of your patience. 

Believe in yourself. Do not allow anything to demotivate you. You are you, and nothing else can be you. So, believe and be patient, and I promise you, everything will be alright.

~ A. R. Raazol